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Embracing the rain on your wedding day

Two brides in the rain

The weather? It's unpredictable.

Especially in the UK. No matter how much planning and organising and preparing you do, it's one of the only things that can't be controlled - and that's okay! In my experience, some of the best moments that have happened on a wedding day are the ones that have happened unexpectedly.

Maria and Claire planned an outdoor August wedding and the heavens decided to open. They fully embraced it and do you know what? It was flippin beautiful! With a couple of umbrellas to hand, we wandered the stunning grounds of Slaugham Place and captured their joy and laughter.

What about our guests? I hear you ask.

I will let Maria and Claire's guests answer that...

With a combination of marquees and umbrellas, guests had smiles all round. It was such a sight to witness just how much the weather didn't actually matter, everyone was their to celebrate the marriage of their beloved friends - it quite literally could have been a freak snowstorm and the love would still be pouring out from the seams. Ultimately, because Maria and Claire didn't mind the rain, nobody else did.

And you'll never guess what...

The sun made an appearance!! A momentary break in the clouds during the drinks reception made the perfect time for family photos. But honestly, it could have rained all day long and nothing would have taken away the joy on people's faces.

Come rain, come shine and everything in between, I can assure you that the weather does not determine the outcome of your day. Embrace it with open arms! The joy will be present no matter what.

Hannah x


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