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A bit about me...


Behind The Scenes

Hey, it's great to see you here. However you've come across my website - you're totally welcome! Feel free to take a look around and get to know a little bit about me and what I do.

My aim towards photography is to capture people exactly as they are. We'll take a walk, get to know each other, and take some photos along the way. This makes for completely authentic moments that truly represent you.

Your session is made to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Almost as though we are old friends catching up. 

So when you book, tell me something about yourself. Favourite snack? Best place you've visited? TV shows you recommend? I wanna know!

A few things about me

1. I am one of four girls. Yup, three younger sisters - our house is never quiet.

2. My favourite tv show is Friends. Phoebe all the way.

3. Before I found photography, I really wanted to be a midwife (totally different direction, I know!)

4. I love tea. I'm probably having a cuppa right now.

5. I have many places I want to travel to, but one at the top of the bucket list is definitely Tokyo.


I'm all about collaborating with you and love listening to any ideas you have. Whether it be about location, activities you want to do during your adventure session, absolutely anything - I want to hear all about it!

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