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Confetti: Making it Beautiful and Memorable

Bride and Groom with confetti

The Setup

The Confetti Tunnel

The confetti tunnel is ultimately the best way to get those all important photos whilst allowing all of your guests to be a part of it too. I will encourage your guests to stand in two lines with a decent gap in between and ensure that everyone has their own confetti before we start. The two of you can then take your time walking down the aisle in the middle, embracing all the love of your guests as you pass by them and letting the joy of being newly married sink in.

The cheer and celebration that occurs in this moment is unlike anything else - truly one of my most favourite parts of the day! (I too will be cheering you on from behind the camera).

The Type

There are two types of confetti that work incredibly well:

Dried Rose Petals and Biodegradable Paper Confetti

They are perfect for a handful of reasons, a) they are both super light-weight so remain in the air for much longer, b) because of their more compact nature, they are much easier to store and distribute to your guests and it means you can buy in bulk without worrying where to put it all, and c) they are both friendly to the environment.

Always make sure to check with your venue about the type of confetti you are using as some will have a preference. It is also a good idea to double check if they have any other specifications when it comes to this element of the day, for example, if there are any restrictions as to the location (often venues with water-based features like ponds/lakes will have a designated area for confetti to protect any nearby wildlife and avoid littering).

Go Big or Go Home

You can never have too much confetti.

Baskets like the examples above are the BEST, especially when it comes to dried petals, for ensuring all your guests get a decent handful to throw. Having one or two of these with a couple of assigned bridal party members to go down each line of guests gets the job done super swiftly, ready for the two of you to make your special appearance.

Another couple of examples for easy distribution shown above. Honestly the options are endless, but these are some of my favs!

My pre-confetti reminders

  • Take your time, embrace this moment, you will really appreciate getting to witness the reactions of your guests as you pass by them believe me. Plus I will be walking backwards which is always easier to do at a slower pace haha!

  • I will make sure to tell your guests to throw the confetti UP rather than AT you, nobody wants a rose petal in their eye. Even so, the temptation can be to look down, so I will remind you to keep your gaze focussed ahead of you (we all want to see your wonderful faces!).

  • Have fun with it! That's it truly, it's one of my favourite moments of the day for a reason.

Bride and Groom with confetti

Want to know if you've done it right?

There will be a puddle of confetti around you. It will be everywhere but it will have been so worth it!

Here's to many more beautiful confetti tunnels filled with love!

Hannah x

Bride and Groom with confetti


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