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Any questions?

When will we get our photos?

I will always send you a little sneak peek within 48 hours of your session. For elopements and weddings, the rest of your album will be ready within 4-6 weeks. Adventure sessions, 2 weeks.

Do you always edit the photos?

Yes. I always edit the photos from a session, I wouldn't want you to receive unfinished work from me.

Will we get to meet you beforehand?

Of course! I love getting to meet the couples I'm capturing. Whether it be an in person meeting, or sharing a cuppa over zoom, we will get to know each other in the weeks or months leading up to our time together.

We've never had our photo taken before? What can we expect?

Having your first photoshoot can feel like it's going to be awkward, but I can assure you I do my best to make you feel as at ease as possible. We will have had the chance to talk to one another (on probably a couple of occasions) so by the time our session rolls around we'll already know each other pretty well. By the end, you'll feel like you've been doing it your whole life.

What should we wear to our 'Adventure Session'?

I have a whole bunch of inspiration page links on my 'Adventure Sessions Packages' page which you will gain access to after enquiring. But the answer really is whatever you feel comfortable in! I do recommend wearing colours that compliment one another and will look good together in your photos, but honestly there are no rules, it's whatever you want. 


How do we go about booking you?

If you're interested in booking me for a session you can fill out the form on the 'Get In Touch' section of my website. I would absolutely love to hear what you guys have in mind, and also get to know you a little bit (so make sure to add something about yourselves!). From here we'll be able to chat through your plans either in person or over a zoom call. You'll also be given access to my pricing guides to see which package suits you best, and once you've chosen you can secure your booking with a non-refundable booking fee, a signed contract and a completed booking form. 


What happens if we need to reschedule?

If, for any reason, you have to reschedule, I'll work with you to find a new date that fits with your plans that I can personally be at myself. There are no additional costs for rescheduling, however, if you wish to cancel your booking, cancellation charges may apply. 


Want to know more?

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