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Cocktail Hour at Old Gore Barn

Partial to an Aperol? Or is an Espresso Martini more your style?

Whatever your drink of choice, here is why having a cocktail hour might be one of the best decisions you make (aside from marrying one another of course!).

As your photographer, I adore capturing the moments of pure joy and laughter between you and your guests. The essence of your day is truly held within the tipsy belly laughter, dad dancing and warm embraces. And what fuels this? That's right, a cheeky tipple.

The beauty of the 'in-between'...

The gap between the wedding breakfast and the dance floor is truly one of my favourite times in the day. Past the stress of speeches with just enough time to prep your best moves for a boogie later, it is often the point at which people are the most relaxed. The perfect time for me to walk around and grab those all important candid images.

Want to know another cheeky perk of this? It also provides an opportunity for the two of you to sneak away for a moment. The day is such a whirlwind of joy and emotion that it's not uncommon to forget to actually spend time with the person you're marrying! So whilst your guests are happily drinking and chatting away, the two of you can take a little bit of time to soak up being newlyweds.

Plus, if you fancy it, we can get some flippin cute photos of the two of you as well!

This is your sign, you deserve a cute cocktail hour on your wedding day...

Hannah x


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